Circle J Cargo Logistics offers public warehousing with flexible warehousing solutions for clients with short-term or fluctuating space requirements at a variable cost. Our Public Warehousing Services allow Customers to expand or contract inventory based on demand, which enables Customers to squeeze costs out of their supply chains and maximize profits. Advantages of Public Warehousing include: the opportunity to consolidate shipments with other customers in the same facility, labor and operating expenses are typically lower because labor can be allocated across customers, and contract terms are typically shorter term and more flexible.

Our team can construct, recommend, source, purchase, manage, and own assets for the benefit of our clients. These services enable our clients to free working capital to invest in objectives that return a higher profit. In addition, changes in our clients' business models might dictate that they need different assets to serve their clients. Warehouse Services Inc. will invest in these assets and re-allocate them to other logistic service models, eliminating underused assets within the supply chain.


Public Warehousing is a cost effective solution for:

  • Warehousing of inventory with fluctuating space requirements
  • Seasonal distribution programs
  • Product overflow in existing distribution centers
  • First-time marketplace entry for a new product or region
  • Supply chains that require multiple distribution points