About Circle J Cargo Logistics

CIRCLE J CARGO LOGISTICS is concerned with the clearance of goods imported for commercial as well as personal use into the Philippines from anywhere in the world. We also facilitate the export of goods in much the same way. We handle all the necessary paperwork and guide our clients with regards to any special permits required. We provide the service in most cases to acquire these extra approvals and permits.

CIRCLE J was founded by a goal oriented and success driven couple. We support small and large manufacturers as well as the individual or small business who may be exporting/ importing equipment for repair or clients who require a duty waiver for temporary imports/export, like equipment for a trade show.We pride ourselves at Circle J Cargo to be a solution based customs brokerage firm which executes standard services of a broker along with Valued Added Service Providers or VASP such as Cargo Data Exchange Center Inc. (CDEC), E-Konek Pilipinas Inc. and Intercommerce Network Services Inc.

Our Broker has more than 10 years experience in the industry. His reputation has earned him special privileges within the customs arena. Circle J Cargo is able to provide premium service to those clients who also enjoy benefits of the E2M system. Accredited E2M clients must have a qualified broker in order to receive the full benefit of this status. Circle J Cargo is qualified to help you. We are a local company, but we appreciate the importance of being Globally Competitive. Our global vision is to enhance the quality of service we provide to be able to compete in the world market and be flexible enough to adapt to changes.

Partner with Circle J Cargo for we stay on the cutting edge, bringing fresh, swift and effective flavor to the local Customs Brokering Industry. Providing premium service, better communication and creative new ideas & processes in return for your trust.

Our Commitment to Customers

Our customers are what kept us inspired and afloat in the industry. Thus the very establishment of Circle J Cargo Logistics is already a commitment to provide excellence. We shall strive to perfect our art and establish a name that will embody brilliance and distinction among our competition.

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CIRCLE J CARGO’s commitment to its customers goes beyond the provision of mere service . It seeks to be able to give clients high quality, swift processing and personalized assistance in every shipments handled providing them safe, systemized and superior service than its competiton. Its capacity to deliver shipment in its entirety and with speed and effectiveness at that is the best commitment the company can offer. We are making sure that we are able to meet client needs and demands at all times and assuring that the cargo reaches its destination on time and at its best condition.

Your Freight on Time, Every Time!

Our company provides quality and blitz-like service through effective communication and neverending desire for quaity service. Our people are properly trained to handle client needs 24/7 and answer questions to facilitate quality service. All our sales and operation staff are available and easy to reach via cellphone or e-mail and will respond immediately to our client needs. We pride ourselves with our utmost diligence to service thereby achieving respect and trust in order for us to be true to our company mission.