Our Company Mission

To provide our customers with first class trade facilitation and satisfaction through our passion for service. Get ahead with all our competitors in the area of customer communication and business knowledge. We aim to invest in keeping updated of all changes concerning of all types of goods imported & exported into the Philippines in order to help our clients efficiency and success including cost saving and improved processes.


Our Company Vision


To be instrumental in policy changes, and to bridge the gap between government & clients adjustment with customs modernization. In the long run, Circle J Cargo will enjoy success in its business expanding our services in customs brokerage and will also have freight forwarding services in major ports worldwide.

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Our services provide you with fast just a minute information, we focus on improvement of communication with our clients and queries of other company with regards to the trade laws and procedures. Because we know your business will be at risk of falling out of compliance or being hit with high process value because of lack of information, so our mission is therefore very simple.